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Free Sight Word Writing Worksheet for kindergarten.  Use the key to color the picture by sight word, then write a sentence on your own.


If you like this free sample page, you may want to purchase the entire Kindergarten March No Prep Workbook.

The Full Workbook Includes:

*Uppercase Letter Writing Practice

*Lowercase Letter Writing Practice

*Color the Shooting Stars (practice color words)

*Uppercase Missing Letter Clovers (letter writing practice)

*Lowercase Missing Letter Clovers (letter writing practice)

*Colorful Leprechaun Hats (practice color words)

*Circle Beginning Sounds

*Write Beginning Sounds

*Circle Middle Short Vowel Sounds

*Write Middle Short Vowel Sounds

*Color the Rhymes

*Leprechaun Rhymes (cut and paste)

*Lucky Syllables

*Golden CVC Words (write the beginning, middle, ending sounds)

*Finish The St. Patrick’s Day Sentence (cut and paste)

*Cut, Paste, Write St. Patrick’s Day Build A Sentence

*”The Lucky Day” – adorable fiction mini-book

*Worth More Than Gold – draw and write

*I Can Write About St. Patrick’s Day – draw and write

*Yummy St. Patrick’s Day Patterns (cut and paste)

*Color A Yummy Pattern

*Color A St. Patrick’s Day Pattern

*Finish The Shapes Pattern

*Count Clovers And Write The Number (10 to 20)

*Leprechaun’s Golden Numbers – write missing numbers to 20

*Telling Time To The Hour – draw a line to match clocks with the written time and number.

*Match Numbers With Clover Pictures (cut and paste)

*Leprechaun Tracks – match numbers and pictures (cut and paste)

*Golden Number Bonds – write the missing number

*Count The Lucky Coins And Write The Number

*Which Is Heavier – compare two pictures and color the one that is heavier

*Which Clover Has More – compare two clovers and color the one with more dots

*St. Patrick’s Day Graph – color the pictures and graph the results

*Write the Golden Numbers (1 – 30)

*St. Patrick’s Day Addition Word Problems

*St. Patrick’s Day Subtraction

*Golden Ten Frames Activity

*and more… 

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