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Free Winter Christmas writing worksheet for Kindergarten.  Use the color code to color the picture and practice recognizing sight words.  Next, use the words from the word bank to write a sentence.

My students learn the high frequency words first, then to help with the sentence writing, I remind the kids that the word in the “Word Bank” that begins with a capital letter starts the sentence, and the word with the end mark will end the sentence.  The remaining words are easy for most of the kids to unscramble independently.  There will be a few Kindergarten students who need additional help.  These students will sit with me in a small group for help while the rest of the class works independently.  With this small group, I sometimes write the “Word Bank” words on index cards, so that we could try different word order combinations until we find the one that sounds correct.


I hope you enjoy this free Kindergarten writing worksheet and find it helpful!