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I am so excited to bring this FREEBIE to you. It consists of 15 reading passages for the kiddos to read and concentrate on for a whole week while doing different activities pertaining to each story.

Each day is labeled on the bottom of each page for students to know when each page will be done. There is a multiple choice question test for every Friday. These passages will aid students with vocabulary, story elements and main idea. Students will not only be excited but engaged and remember events in the story to fulfill their activities. Contains multiple choice answers for Monday, drawing or coloring with multiple choice question for Tuesday, writing in complete sentences for Wednesday, showing your answer by drawing on Thursday and a multiple choice quiz for Friday. When the package is completed the way it is designed it will be used for 15 weeks. Comes along with a certificate that features characters from the stories that the students will read and become acquainted with.

Please view the thumbnails to get an idea of what the package will look like. You may also download the preview.

15 Stories included:

✅A Stroll

✅It Takes Two

✅A Visit

✅The Best Valentine

✅Weekend Fun

✅African Elephant

✅First Day of School

✅An Artist is Born



✅A New Sport

✅Buzz the Bee

✅Achieving a Goal

✅Lake Livingston

✅Upside Down Frown

✅Answer Key

Friends, if you liked this FREEBIE please, share the link to this page to your friends, family, and so on. That way they can obtain the benefit of having this resource as well as a lot of work and thought was placed into it just as much as a paid resource. Provide your feedback as well as I love to read what you post even if it is criticism as that’s the only way one can learn to be better. Thank you.

I hope you and your students enjoy this wonderful FREE resource.

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