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Addition Math Game!


This BABY SHARK themed ADDITION MATH GAME helps students practice their addition fact fluency. Perfect for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade Math Centers, morning work, bell ringers, substitute teachers, homework and distance learning packets.


Print & Go! These printable ADDITION GAMES will give your students a FUN and ENGAGING way to practice their facts. My students LOVE this station! I love that they get addition fact fluency practice throughout the year, the more they play the better they learn their facts!


This is a partner game. I usually put it in one of my math stations, and change it out with different holiday versions, they get so excited seeing a new version of their favorite game!



  • Distance learning
  • Morning Work
  • Substitute Plans
  • Math Centers, Math Stations
  • Skill Practice or Review
  • HomeSchool




  • 1 color version of the addition game
  • 1 B&W copy of the same game
  • instructions and ideas page
  • cover page





This is a 2 player game. Each player chooses a color to represent themselves. They take turns rolling 2 dice, adding the numbers together, then color in one box above their number. After coloring in 3 in one column, the fourth one in that column captures the “picture” and they color in or circle the picture and it is claimed as theirs. If the other student later rolls and reaches that picture, they are too late as the first student has already captured it. If they roll a number that is not listed, or they have already filled that column, they lose that turn. When one player is able to “capture” 3 pictures then they are the winner!


•This is a FAVORITE of my class no matter what time of year (they love a good competition) and a quick and easy practice so they don’t forget their addition facts. Early in the year I often use dice with dots on them, so those that need to still count the dots can do so. Later in the year I switch out the dice for number cubes. Or you can use one of each.

•Run a set in BLACK & WHITE and place in a math center/station bucket. Place some dice in the basket for quick access. Students each need a different colored crayon.

•DAB IT – This can easily be played with a Bingo Dauber, each student chooses their own color.

•COLORED LAMINATED COPIES – I tried to make these colorful but yet not to use too much ink. The colorful games are so enticing and you don’t have to continue to make copies. Place a set of laminated game boards in a math center/station. Or, run on cardstock for thickness and slide into a plastic sleeve. Add some dice. Students can use dry erase markers to X their boxes, circling the picture when they capture it. OR They can use 2 different colors of unifix cubes to fill in their spaces.