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Teach CVC words with this fun activity! This is an online resource where your students will match pictures to words. The student will identify the correct word for the given picture. After each right answer, they will move on to the next question until they reach the “Good Job” slide.


These digital task cards are paperless and interactive. Google Classroom is perfect for fast finishers and RTI groups. You can also use this resource in PowerPoint or by opening this Google Slides resource on your Smartboard, laptop, tablet, or iPad. 

Get the full version HERE.

The full product includes the link to Boom Learning.

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Why do I have to set up an account with Boom?


To use Boom Cards, you must open at least a FREE Boom Learning account (just like you have to have a Google account to use Google resources). Free accounts include the ability to generate student progress reports for 5 students and to make up to 5 DIY decks. Free accounts also allow you to assign Boom Cards to unlimited students (without progress reports) using the Fast Play pin option available in the Library.


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