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Item description

This FREEBIE was created for my daughter. She is currently twelve years old and wanting to get better at writing and so she requested I make something like so.

This FREEBIE will help you to:

  • enhance the way you write and practice your writing
  • find out how making sales can help you create a JUICY story
  • add more JUICE to your sentences
  • and more..!

We all love to read (I hope) but it is difficult at times to write and have words fit what we are trying to convey. A lot of times we are not concise and go on a ramble which may at times bore readers. Any who, a lot of the stuff that I would like her to know is in this 19 page packet and I truly hope it helps your students as well. Download it. It’s FREE! YAY!

Since the sheets mostly contain free writing there is no right or wrong answer therefore, there is no answer key.

Hope you enjoy.

Please leave your comments below to tell me what you think!

I will be updating this in the future so please follow me.

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➤Please leave your comments below to tell me what YOU think! I will be updating this FREEBIE in the future depending on your feedback.