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Item description

Collection of French flashcards, word wall banners, and worksheets to help students memorize the daysmonths, and seasons. It also includes audio files to help students pronounce the words correctly.

 Formats :

– PDF : US LETTER (8.5x11in)

– Audio files : MP3

♣ Includes :

– Bilingual flashcards with visual clues (syllables)

– French word wall banners

– Games : Mots cachés (days and months)

– Assessments : days and months

– Audio files for each day, month and season

♣ Common European Framework of Reference by the Council of Europe – CEFR

  • PREA1.OI.4 : Can understand a number of familiar words/signs and recognise key information (e.g. numbers, prices, dates and days of the week), provided the delivery is very slow, with repetition if necessary.
  • PREA1.OI.11 : Can ask and tell what day, time of day and date it is.
  • A1.MED.2. : Can relay (in Language B) simple, predictable information about times and places given in short, simple statements (delivered in Language A).
  • A1.PR.1 : Can recognise differing ways of numbering, measuring distance, telling the time, etc. even though they may have difficulty applying this in even simple everyday transactions of a concrete type.

 How to use :

– The flashcards are to be double-sided printed.

– The word wall banners are in French only

– It is recommended to laminate the flashcards and word wall banners to improve longevity.

– Audio files (.MP3) can be put on any device for solo or collective use

– The two Mots cachés are meant to be used for solo practice. If the students finish their work early, they can use this practice exercise while waiting for the others or as homework.

– Assessments can be given as initial diagnoses or final ones depending on your students’ level.


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