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Intermediate and advanced French students can practice direct and indirect object pronouns in French (le la les lui leur ONLY) with these interactive tic-tac-toe games with a partner. This is geared to second year French students or as a great review for advanced students.


How does this work?

With a partner, students rewrite a sentence with an object pronoun OR they answer a question with an object pronoun. Students begin with the game that best meets their level and needs (beginner to challenging). The ten games increase in difficulty and differentiation (one verb, two verbs, negatives, questions, open-ended, speaking-only games).


Students take turns rewriting the sentence with an object pronoun (Games 1-4) or answering a question with an object pronoun (Games 5-8). If they write a correct answer with an object pronoun, they make an X or O on the game board. Games 9-10 are for the advanced students; these games are purely answering the partner’s question with an object pronoun before earning an X or O. Play continues until the game is complete; then, students move to the next game.


Typically, we like students to play at least four games with their partner. Group of three? Two students play and the third holds the answer key. They switch after each game.


7 ways to use this activity with your French students:
1. Use as introductory material before instruction (What can students figure out?)

2. Implement immediate after instruction (get students out of their seats)
3. Distance & remote learning (share screens)
4. Grammar Stations (an in-class interactive work station with partner)
5. Skill review (check for understanding as formative assessment)
6. Fast finishers (use as review of past materials)
7. Sub plans (assign game boards and provide answer keys)



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