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French jeopardy game – French passé composé of irregular verbs with avoir

Jeopardy game for practicing irregular French verbs that use avoir as helping verb in the passé composé (see list of verbs used below). Half of the questions include simple negation using ne…pas. You’re going to love this powerpoint jeopardy game with all the bells and whistles. It even includes music, daily double and final jeopardy questions.

This is a version that I’ve worked out the kinks on for the last 20 years of playing it with my students. The answers don’t have to be given in the form of a question unless you want to play that way. My students absolutely love this game, and so do I. They get very excited about it and always look forward to JEOPARDY DAY.

Some of the harder questions involve using subjects like QUI – QUELQU’UN – MES PARENTS ET MOI – TES AMIS ET TOI.

Here are the verbs used in this Jeopardy game:

  • faire

  • pleuvoir

  • falloir

  • lire

  • dire

  • écrire

  • rire

  • sourire

  • mettre

  • permettre

  • prendre

  • comprendre

  • apprendre

  • voir

  • pouvoir

  • recevoir

  • vouloir

  • boire

  • croire

  • courir

  • devoir

  • vivre

  • ouvrir

  • souffrir

  • suivre

  • dormir

  • conduire

  • détruire

  • traduire

  • avoir

I have included detailed directions, rules and tips for game playing.

This game is a lot of fun after having spent time teaching the passé composé. I’ve spent years working out the best way to play this game in a classroom setting, and it works so well that I went into a lot of detail in the instructions. The game includes 6 categories, a daily double, and a final jeopardy question.