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French Verb Conjugation Board Games – PRESENT TENSE GROWING BUNDLE – No Prep Printables


Board games are a fun way to practice conjugating regular and irregular verbs in the present tense. This growing bundle will save you 50%. Once you own the bundle, all future worksheets that I add will be yours at no additional cost.


Each board game is one page and requires absolutely no prep. You will need to provide dice and game pieces for each player. Games include 37 numbered boxes. The first player to reach box 37 wins. There are a few tricks along the way, so getting to the end isn’t always so easy! Some boxes require students to conjugate the verb using the provided subject pronoun, and others require them to name the subject pronoun that matches the verb conjugation.


Look for many more verbs to be included! Be sure to follow my store and check your notifications for updates.


This growing bundle includes the following verbs so far:


  • être
  • aller
  • avoir
  • faire
  • parler
  • finir
  • perdre
  • pouvoir
  • vouloir
  • devoir
  • dire
  • voir
  • savoir
  • venir
  • croire
  • prendre
  • boire
  • mettre
  • lire
  • ouvrir
  • courir
  • partir
  • sortir
  • dormir
  • servir