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Frogs are fantastic!

There are lots of things to be
excited about when looking at the life-cycle of frogs. And many students
love to think about the different stages.

In this booklet
students are also asked to observe animals with the goal of getting
inspiration for new ideas. Hopefully, these activities will make the
learning fun and engaging.

This package contains:

1. Cards

2. Can you identify the different stages?

3. What is the connection between a tadpole and a frog?

4. What do tadpoles and frogs eat?

5. Fun Facts

6. Metamorphosis Poem

7. Frog words – make your own dictionary

8. Ask the froglet Sparkling Questions about eggs, tadpoles and frogs

9. Tadpoles are. . .

10. Frogs are. . .

11. Life cycle

12. When does an egg belong to a frog? When does it belong to a toad? Make a tally

13. Can you fill in the different parts of the frog

14. My Frog & Toad Gallery

15. Be a Weather Detective

16. Think diving for a frog detective – skin

17. Think diving for a frog detective – frog legs and feet

18. Reflection – assessment

19. How to use biomimicry in the classroom