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Do you need help supporting struggling readers? Do you need strategies to help with reading comprehension? Look no further! Front Desk Novel Study Products are the solution you are looking for, and these are game changers with read-aloud! Your 3rd graders and up will love this!

 This bundle provides you with:

  • PowerPoint – this offers comprehension and thought-provoking questions; pictures from the book (if applicable); videos relating to the book (if applicable); appear animation.

  • First Chapter Friday Coloring Sheets – First Chapter Fridays are a great way to introduce students to a wide variety of books. Some students like to doodle while they listen to the teacher read. This is a great way to get the students to remember the title of the book. Students could also make notes on the back of the coloring sheet and make a binder full of titles that they want to read. This would also be great if you are reading the book to your class. It will help with kids being fidgety while you read. This is a Read Only PowerPoint to protect the artwork. You will not need a password to open and print. 

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These are Read-Only products to protect the artwork. You will not need a password to open and print. 


Fonts and sizes may vary depending on your computer, your version of PowerPoint, and the fonts that you own. If something doesn’t look right you may need to edit the font and the size. Please contact me if you need help with this at [email protected]. These products are a “read-only” file. You can open the file but you can not edit it. If you see any errors, please contact me and I will fix them.