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Item description

In this resource there is an A4 sheet with all of the 100 words for each of Fry’s sight word lists. There is also a checklist where you can record and date the progress of your students with 50 words on each page. This bundle is editable so you can use the assessments on a device to show progress or adapt to focus on the words that you are working on.

How to use this resource

  • Give your students the words that you are assessing. This could be the whole page, one column or a small group of words then record the words that they can read on that date.

  • Cut up a section of the word list and send them home to practise at home.

  • Edit the word lists and assessment sheets to fit your needs or focus on the words that you are currently working on.

How does it save you time?

These assessments are ready to print and use for all of Fry’s 1000 Sight Words. They are all consistent, use the same fonts and they can be used electronically.