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These funny jokes will become a staple to your morning meeting, and will provide students with lots of laughs along the way. Practice key critical thinking, reading, writing, and spelling skills with this yearlong resource that will help brighten your classroom and make learning fun!


What’s Included:

  • 200 funny jokes in a PowerPoint presentation.

  • 200 answer slides that follow each joke.

  • Two journal template options, to add a written element each day.

  • 200 pages of “cutaway” squares so that you can send students home with their own small paper so that they can tell the Funny Joke of the Day to their families.

  • Tips for use that will help you get the most out of this amazing full-year resource.


Easy to Use:

  1. Display the Funny Joke of the Day PowerPoint each morning.

  2. Allow students to discuss with a partner (teamwork).

  3. Students write down the joke and their best guess in their Funny Joke of the Day journals.

  4. Call on students to share their answers with the class.

  5. Reveal the correct answer.

  6. Allow students to write the correct answer or paste joke into their journals.

  7. Send them home with the cutaway slip for today’s joke so that they can share it with their families.


Made by a Teacher for Teachers:

  • Different options allow you to choose what works best for your classroom.

  • All jokes are appropriate for school and I use them in my own classroom.

  • 200 jokes allow you to pick the 180 that you like best.

  • Start your day with a smile.

  • Send your students home with the joke and they’ll be talking about how fun your class is each night with their families.