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Introduce your students to genetic variation with the classic story of the peppered moth! This lab center activity is a print-and-go resource that positions your students as researchers in the field. They will love counting peppered moths using the included posters (7 total) and graphing their populations to observe natural selection in action.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • No technology required! This resource does not involve the use of computers or online simulations.
  • Simple to understand and implement. You can print-and-go with this resource.
  • Build upon science process skills with graph creation and interpretation.
  • Hands-on counting activity is fun for students as they try to spot all of the peppered moths hidden in each poster.

Students Will:

  • Read a one-page introductory passage about the peppered moth
  • Tally the peppered moth population using seven sample population posters
  • Record data and create and double line graph for the moth populations
  • Interpret the graph and answer five post-lab questions

Included in this Resource:

– Teacher Instructions

– One page reading passage

– Lab intro, data table, graph, and post-lab handout

– 7 “field” sample posters to count the moths

– Answer key

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You May Not:

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