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A packet of resources for genetics and heredity with activities that allow students to explore the world of physical and inherited traits in an engaging approach. Ideal for grades 3-6 science, each genetic activity comes with a teacher information sheet and student activity sheets. Includes PTC taste test and strawberry DNA activities. This packet contains all the resources below. Is it possible to align the study of genetics and heredity, student fun, and NGSS standards? In a word, yes!

PTC taste testingApproximately 30% of the population can not taste PTC that is provided on small paper strips. A classic, safe heredity activity for a trait that is genetically inherited ..and you get fun faces when a student finds PTC to be very bitter!  PTC paper is inexpensive and easy to order.

Inheritance and Acquired Trait Cut and PasteA cut and paste activity where students classify traits as acquired or inherited.

Strawberry DNAIt’s easier than you think to make strawberry DNA and that’s good because students enjoy squishing the strawberries in the liquid! They also practice real lab skills as they follow the procedure and learn the basics about cells and DNA.

Genetic Trait SurveyStudents fill out an individual chart about their genetic traits and then compile into class results. There is also a class trait bar graph activity with custom graph paper.

Construction Paper Chromosome Model: Directions for an inheritance model demonstration that shows the basics of gene heredity.

Read about your DNA!: Reading comprehension with a passage on the relationship between DNA, chromosomes and genes. Multiple choice question sheet.

There are also 12 word wall cards, 3 DNA posters, and 24 sort cards for inherited or acquired traits. Wow!

This resource is also found in a GENETICS and HEREDITY UNIT BUNDLE


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