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Geography Center: Countries, Capitals and Cities Match – Bundle is a fun, matching activity designed to improve or reinforce knowledge of capitals and major cities of countries.


In many cases, the capital city of a country is not the most populated city within a country. This resource assists in helping students to not only learn and become familiar with major cities of countries but also to acknowledge that the city they may know best when they think of a country is not always the capital.


The countries included in Set 1:

  • England, South Africa, France, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Denmark, Cambodia, South Korea, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Hungary, The Philippines, Nigeria, Finland, Scotland, United Arab Emirates

The countries included in Set 2:

  • U.S.A., Australia, India, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, Iran, Turkey, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Colombia, Romania, Egypt, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Zimbabwe

The countries included in Set 3:

  • Canada, New Zealand, China, Spain, Japan, Thailand, Iraq, Argentina, Switzerland, Greece, Norway, Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, The Ukraine, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Israel, Kenya


This resource contains:

  • 183 cards (60 matches and one title card per set).
  • PDF and PNG files.



  • Print, laminate and cut the individual cards.
  • Mix the cards. Using the imbedded arrows, have students match the major cities with the capital and the country.
  • Cards can be divided into as few or as many sets as required. They are also complimentary with other sets.