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The Constructive triangles are another of Montessori’s well-known didactic materials to help children experience plane geometry. They are used:

  • To name the shapes constructed by the triangles.
  • To develop the logical mathematical mind.
  • To indirectly prepare for the concept of equivalence and the derivation of area.
  • To give the child practical experience in plane geometry.
  • To come to a point of consciousness that the triangles are called ‘constructive’ because they construct other rectilinear shapes.


This resource includes:

  • Constructive Triangle material analysis for each of the 6 sets
  • Presentations for each set
  • Detailed step-by-step presentation instructions
  • Dozens of step-by-step illustrations and photographs
  • With each presentation is given the purpose, direct aim(s), indirect aim(s), control of error, and points of consciousness

This bundle is useful for children from ages 4-9 years of age and up.

Use the Constructive Triangles after the Geometry Cabinet has been introduced and the child is familiar with the names of the shapes.


Created by a Montessorian with many years of curriculum development experience! Save yourself LOADS of time and research. I have used these presentations with my own class.


*Homeschoolers and regular classroom teachers can use these lessons with printable triangles if the wooden sets are not available. These printable sets are not included in this resource, but are readily available for FREE online. Please message me if you have any questions; I am happy to help.

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