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Item description

This is a great introduction to the concept of a square.

It is suitable for a Kindergarten – Grade 1 student.


Perfect resource for homeschoolers and teachers alike.

Hours of time go into each each resource.


The purpose of this activity is for children to:

• Explain the square is a special figure with four equal sides.

• Identify squares in their environment.

• Write (Copy) the word ‘square’ at the top of the page.

• Trace the square from the card stencil.

• Draw squares.

• Cut squares out of paper.


(Extension activity: build a series of squares out of triangles)

This interactive geometry lesson will be a fun, engaging, and didactic way for your students and children to apply geometry concepts.


Using this interactive geometry method will allow students to:

• capture their work visually and didactically;

• develop organization skills;

• work at their own pace;

• demonstrate understanding of concepts; and,

• have a visually pleasing keepsake.