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This activity will have students reviewing topics from the second semester of geometry. Topics include: properties of quadrilaterals, similar triangles, similar polygons, right triangle trigonometry, transformations and angles of polygons. The game is available as a Google Slides Game or a PowerPoint game!

30 questions total that practice these skills:

  • Similar polygons
  • Similar triangles
  • Properties of Parallelograms
  • Right Triangle Trig – finding missing sides
  • Right Triangle trig – finding missing angles
  • Properties of trapezoids
  • Properties of rectangles
  • Properties of squares
  • Interior angles of polygons
  • Exterior angles of polygons
  • Converse of Pythagorean Theorem
  • Rotations, Dilations, Reflections and Translations of figures on the coordinate plane.

Students will begin by putting the presentation in “present mode” and clicking on the first lock. Each lock has 3 questions in it before it is unlocked and they can move to the next set of questions. They will move through the 30 problems by selecting the right answer from the answer choices given. If they solve the question correctly, they will move onto the next problem, if not, they will go back to the first problem of the lock set they are on. Remind students to use their mouse or touchpad to move through the game and NOT the keyboard.

This is a self-checking practice activity. Students will not need to turn in anything (unless you want them to turn in their work), and you will not need to do any grading. They will get immediate feedback from the game on whether their answer is correct as they move through the problems. The only prep is to make a copy of the assignment to give to your students! This activity is perfect for distance learning for students to review sequences and series, especially if they have their own devices. This game can also be played as a whole group if you present your screen and let students work on the activity that way.

A PowerPoint copy of the game is also included in the folder!

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Interested in a copy of the game for BOOM learning? Coming Soon!

**PLEASE READ** The equations are not editable, however, they are not background images so you can always delete the problems and type in your own. You can also delete certain problems before assigning to students if you’d like. If you change the presentation in any way, I’d highly recommend playing through once yourself to make sure all the pieces and animation still work correctly.

Please take a look at the preview to make sure the activity is appropriate for your students!

Questions or concerns? Use the “ask a question” tool below or feel free to email me: [email protected]