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Item description

There are two files in this download. One in American English and one in British English. The printable PDF files consist of forty pages. You print them, fold them in two so that there is English on one side and German on the other. You glue them together and cut them out. Using a cardboard-like thicker sheet of paper in between the card pairs will make them more durable. If you wish you can get them laminated. There are five English – German card pairs on each page. The cards cover these structures and functions:

– Greeting

– Personal information (name, age, nationality, job, marital status, …)

– Quantities

– Prepositions of place

– Colors

– Weather

– Time

– What there is in a particular place

– Likes, preferences, favorites, ability, lack of ability, fear

– Permissions

– Requests

– Suggestions

– Offers

– Desires

– Prohibitions

– Obligations

– Future

– Prices and costs

– Occasions

– Diseases

– Possessive adjectives

– Subject pronouns

– Asking for and giving directions. Where buildings are

– Basic physical adjectives.

– Basic adjectives of feeling

– Comparisons of adjectives, nouns and adverbs

In short, they comprise a wide range of areas.

The structures and functions are presented as Question – Answer dialogs where possible. The questions are in red and the answers in black. Various possibilities of expressing the same idea or function are listed in the same card. The cards can be used for self-learning or in class. They are suitable for individual work, pair work or group work. They can be used as resource for any activity or game to learn, practice or revise basic German grammar and vocabulary. To facilitate learning, the information in the cards is presented as structures related to each other and with accompanying visuals.