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Item description

Your students are going to LOVE this roll a gingerbread house craft! They get to design their own gingerbread man house in this cut and paste gingerbread house craft. There are many options to choose from when designing their gingerbread man house; the house style, roof, door, windows, and all the fun candy extras that go on a gingerbread house! This roll a gingerbread house craft is also a sneaky gingerbread math game! As students roll the die, they are subitizing what they see on the die and matching it to the legend – there are 2 differentiated versions included.

What’s included in this “Roll a Gingerbread House Craft”:

  • 22 individual house pieces in color and black and white
  • 2 picture frames – 2 color, 2 bw
  • Roll and Build number legend sheet – 2 versions

How to use this craft activity:

  • Print either the color or bw version of pieces
  • Print the legend you want students to use (there are 2 differentiated versions to choose from)
  • Provide students with a number cube / die
  • Students roll the die and choose their pieces according to the legend. Then they cut and paste (& color if you’ve chose the bw version) the house together on the provided picture frame sheet

When to use this craft activity:

  • Learning / Play centers
  • Learning Buddies
  • Small Groups
  • Morning Work
  • Art / Craft table
  • Holiday party