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Free Gingerbread Man Subtraction Mini Book for Kindergarten Math

Practice subtraction using the song “The Five Gingerbread Men”, then complete and read the mini book. You can find the song on YouTube or with an online search. Click here for one version of the song.

There are 10 pages in this winter mini book.  You can print and use all the pages or just the ones that you prefer to use.

This is a great way to build reading fluency, subtraction fluency, sight word recognition, and excitement about reading for advanced preschool students and Kindergarten students.  This gingerbread book is free, and more free books will be made available as well as a bundle for sale.  Just visit my store to get the latest.

More Printable Books

Your students will enjoy learning to read with this free gingerbread mini book for Kindergarten.

Learning to read is fun with my free printable mini-books, and you’ll find most of them for free in my shop.  Children love to read books that they take ownership of by coloring and finishing the pages.   Some of my books have completed sentences while others require children to write some of the missing words to complete the story.  You can choose whichever type of story best suits your needs

The pages are not numbered.  It’s easy to mix and match the pages into any order that works best for your situation.  If your children want to express their own creativity by writing and illustrating there own thoughts related to the mini-books, there is almost always a final blank page for students to finish.