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This resource contains 24 fun, colorful and engaging three piece puzzles which includes the visual manner in action (both good and bad manners), a statement about the manner as well as a visual to differentiate whether the manner is good or bad (polite or rude).


This resource includes puzzles for the following


Raising your hand

Cover your mouth

Taking turns

Being kind


Say “please” and “thank you”


Keeping hands to Yourself

Putting rubbish in the bin

Not tattling or gossiping

Showing Respect to Others

Open doors for others



Not working as a Team

Hurting others

Stealing from Others

Invading Personal Space

Not listening to Others

Breaking items

Destroying others work

Chucking a tantrum

Lying to Others

Throwing items

Using Bad Words

Not doing your work

This is a great resource for early learners which includes Pre-k, Kindergarten (Prep) and special education.