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We all know that starting the day right is very important. Having a good start to the day can make a positive different on the rest of the day as well. This “Start the Day Right!” program essentially means that at the start of the school day students will be given a choice as to how you would like to start the day in relation to the Good Morning Greetings. This program includes the following six options:


– Saying “Good morning”

– Giving a High Five

– Hug

– Wave

– Fist Pump

– Handshake

This program will be a great way to build a sense of classroom community, unity, build rapport and a sense of connection with each other. To introduce this program into the classroom a student letter has been written explaining and introducing the program to students. There are visuals for each option included and you simply put the visuals on the wall and as you walk into the classroom students can choose which option they would like to use.