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This complete no-prep, self-grading music theory Unit 1 Bundle (Lessons 1-4) includes the music theory topics, Lesson 1 (The Music Staff), Lesson 2 (The Treble Clef), Lesson 3 (The Bass Clef) and the Unit 1 Test. Each lesson is built using Google Forms. The lessons includes a diagram explaining the lesson topic. Completion time depends on student ability (15-45 minutes).

The lessons flows as follows:

* The self-explanatory diagram is provided within the form so students can reference it as needed.
* Students answer the assessment question at their own pace. It’s a multiple choice/short answer digital activity.
* Students “submit” their work after completion.
* The activity is automatically self-graded upon submission for automatic feedback.

The unit test flows the same; however, it does not include the reference diagrams in the forms because it is a test. Teacher has editing capabilities to customize the Google Form.

You can integrate these music theory lessons in Google Classroom™, SeeSaw, Canvas, and most all learning management systems.