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This complete no-prep, self-grading music theory Unit 18 Bundle (Lessons 74-78) includes the music theory topics: Lesson 74 (Primary Chords in Minor Keys), Lesson 75 (Modes in Music), Lesson 76 (Modes Related to the Major Scale), Lesson 77 (Modes Related to the Minor Scale) and Lesson 78 Unit 18 Test. Each lesson is built using Google Forms. The lessons includes a diagram explaining the lesson topic. Completion time depends on student ability (15-45 minutes).

The lesson flows as follows:

* The self-explanatory diagram is provided within the form so students can reference it as needed.

* Students answer the assessment question at their own pace. It’s a multiple choice/short answer digital activity.

* Students “submit” their work after completion.

* The activity is automatically self-graded upon submission for automatic feedback.

You can integrate these music theory lessons in Google Classroom™, SeeSaw, Canvas, and most all learning management systems.