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Get the Google Drive Direct Link, Share, QR Code Generator

Share Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings as edit, view, preview, copy, or template, or share download link as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or even CSV.

Share Google Drawings or specific slide in Google Slides as PDF, SVG, JPEG, or PNG.

Share PDF, image, audio and video, and other files as a view, preview, or direct download link.

Turn Google Drive into a file hosting service.

If you have a file in your Google Drive that you want to share, like Powerpoint, Slides, Documents, Photoshop, simply copy and share the link generated from the Google Drive Direct Link & Share Generator, and the recipient can easily get either a view, preview, template, copy, PDF, a direct download, or even a QR code!

By simply generating a link, one can directly download your Google hosted images, files and other documents.

Make them available over the web for embedding in a webpage, for use in code.

With Google Drive Direct Link & Share Generator, you can store and share files easily with anyone.

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