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This resource includes engaging reading activities that encourage students to explore the remarkable life of Grace Hopper, the woman who invented a computer program that used words instead of numbers. Students will write poems, investigate cause and effect relationships, determine problems and solutions, analyze and pair up quotes, research biographies, respond to writing prompts, make meaning of vocabulary words, make connections, decode facts from the story, and much more! The focus questions lend themselves to in-depth class/peer discussions and were designed to encourage students to use higher-level thinking skills. All the questions are either open-ended or short answer. Most questions require that students provide text evidence to support their thinking and challenge them to provide their own opinions and/or perspective.

Looking for a new picture book read aloud for woman’s History Month? Look no further! Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code, by Laurie Wallmark, is a fantastic picture book that your students will really enjoy! Because our students are growing up in a world where technology is an essential part of everyday life, why not teach them more about how everything came to be and the brilliant people who made it all possible?

This resource is for extension read-aloud activities only (the book is not included and will need to be purchased separately).

This Resource Includes:

  • Focus Questions (4 pages): 21 short answer questions that include before, during, and after reading response questions.
  • Chain of Events (1 page) – Students will show how one event led to another in the story, Grace Hopper: Queen of Code.
  • Problem & Solution (1 page) – Students will fill in the graphic organizer with problems that Grace faced and her solutions to those problems.
  • 8 Writing Prompts (8 pages)
  • Marvelous Me Poem (2 pages) – Students will use the poem from the book, Grace Hopper, Queen of Code as inspiration for writing a poem (with internal rhyme) that describes themselves.
  • Women in History Graphic Organizer (2 pages) – Students can use this graphic organizer to fill in information about Grace Hopper OR research another notable woman in history and record information about their life to share with the class.
  • Quote Connection (2 pages) – Students will give thoughtful responses to the questions relating to the provided quotes using the story, Grace Hopper: Queen of Code, opinions, personal experiences & background knowledge to guide their thinking.
  • Quote Activities (7 pages) – Included are 24 quotes from the story. Students will use the quotations to complete the following activities. Queen of Code – Students will choose one of Grace Hopper’s quotations from the quote cards, capture the idea of the quote in fewer words, and write it on the computer screen. Students can add illustrations or doodles to create a screen saver for the computer. Quote Pair UQuote Pair Up – Students will choose 2 of Grace Hopper’s quotations from the quote cards, find quotations from other people that are similar, opposite, or related to each of Grace Hopper’s two quotes, and explain how the quotes are similar, different, or connect to one another. – Inspirational Quote – Students will choose one of Grace Hopper’s quotations from the quote cards and add an illustration that depicts the quote to create an inspirational poster.
  • Quote Cards – 24 quote cards (4 pages with 6 on a page). All quotations are by Grace Hopper. Some are from the book and some were found online.
  • Synonym Crossword Puzzle (1 page) – Students will complete a crossword puzzle by matching synonyms to words pulled from the story. A word bank and clues are provided.
  • Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (1 page) – Students will complete a crossword puzzle by matching words pulled from the story to their definitions. A word bank and clues are provided.
  • Mixed Up Messages (2 pages) – Students will try to rebuild the original messages by choosing the letters for each cell. The letters from each cell are below the puzzles. Each message is a fact about Grace Hopper’s life from the timeline at the end of the book. Hint: The facts are in chronological order.
  • Answer Keys – Focus Questions (3 pages) – Synonym & Vocabulary Crosswords (2 pages) – Mixed up Messages (2 pages)