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These no-prep Number of the Day activities will strengthen your students’ number sense and math skills that fall under the domain of Operations and Algebraic Thinking. This resource is aligned to the third grade math standards dealing with multiplication, division, number patterns, and word problems.

Each day, Monday through Thursday, starts with a target number. Students will use that number to:

  • Complete the multiplication/division fact family
  • Show repeated addition
  • Skip count
  • Draw an array model
  • Solve a word problem
  • Determine if the number can be halved

On Friday students will use the daily numbers from Monday through Thursday to:

  • Complete a multiplication/division color by number
  • Complete two input/output function tables and determine the rule

Week one starts with single-digit numbers and one-step word problems. By week six, students will be working with products up to 48 and some of the word problems will be multi-step.

This resource includes:

  • 6 weeks of daily math practice
  • Answer keys