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Question and answer trifolds for the readings in Modules 6 – 10 from the 2020 edition of HMH Into Reading (Grade 4, Book 2)

Includes comprehension and skill questions in the form of multiple choice and short answers for the following readings:


Mariana Trench

Weird and Wondrous Rocks

Nature’s Wonders: Poetry About Our Amazing Earth

Grand Canyon: A Trail Through Time

Thunder Rose

In the Days of King Adobe

A Pair of Tricksters

Ten Suns

Eco-Friendly Food

Bug Bites

Now You’re Cooking

Luz Sees the Light

On Sea Turtle Patrol

How Can We Reduce Household Waste?

Seeds of Change

The History of Communication

A New Language – Invented by Kids!

Cooper’s Lesson


Pairs well with the Read and Respond activities for these texts also available at my store.

They are usually individually priced at $1.50 but with this activity pack you get all 18 for $14.99!