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Your students are going to love these Gravity Science Stations! These activities are easy to follow and fun to use and teach with. You can use these activities as science stations or as stand alone activities over a few days.


This lesson has been designed to align with the NGSS standard 5-PS2-1  support an argument that the gravitational force exerted by Earth on objects is directed down”.


There are 6 easy to use hands-on activities in this packet.

⭐ Proof that the Earth is a Sphere – this is an interactive resource where students will research 6 ways that prove the earth is a sphere. A worksheet accompanies this. This can be done in class or at home as independent learners.


⭐ Observe It Activity – this is a lovely experiment to prove that objects of different masses fall at the same rate. I’ve included two versions for you to choose from.


⭐ Watch It Activity – when students hear that everything falls at the same rate because of gravity one of them will ask “how come a feather doesn’t fall as fast as a marble”? This activity proves that they do given the right conditions. The students are asked first to write down what they expect will happen and then to summarize the video.


⭐ Explore It Activity – they’re going to love this one! In this activity the students will use an online gravity simulator. They will change the mass of the satellite and earth and observe what happens.

⭐ Read It Activity – this activity focuses on reading comprehension. The students read a short passage on Newton and gravity and answer questions based on the text.


⭐ Draw It Activity – in this activity the students can color in an outline image of Newton (with a colored in version to help them if they wish) or draw their own version.


I’ve included a Wordsearch and/or Crossword for early finishers.