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This greater than less than activity for Earth Day is the perfect addition to any math center! Graphing, data analysis, and comparing numbers – so many math skills in one fun activity!


Geoboards are an excellent way to practice spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and geometry with 2D shapes too! These task cards are great visuals for students to replicate fun, Earth Day-themed objects.



  • 16 Earth Day-themed task cards in 2 levels of difficulty (8 in each level). You can easily scaffold from 1 level to the next. There are 2 sizes of printable task cards (full page and 4/page) they also come in B/W and in color.
  • 4 graph options from easy to challenging.
  • 2 levels of response sheets with greater than less than problem-solving.
  • Extra time fun pages. Make your own creation and draw it.



recycle bin


light bulb

recycle bag



watering can


Use Astro-brights to match any theme!

These task cards are designed to be used with 5×5 peg geoboards and rubber bands. (not included)



Students will count the number of rubber bands used for the task card.

Then, record the number on the task card and fill out the graph to match. (There are several options for graphing depending on the level of the learner.)

Once all of the task cards and graphs are completed, the student will use the data from the graph to answer the questions and compare numbers by using greater than, less than, and equal signs on the graph or response sheet. (2 levels of difficulty – 1 transfer the numbers from the graph and 1 without)

Extra time or early finishers: Students can draw and describe the creation they made on one sheet or Create their own creation!


These are perfect to use as a group, in a center, independent activity, morning work, or for early finishers!