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 Greta Thunberg | Explore suggestions & Solutions

”We need a ‘concrete plan’ for climate action.”

for something exciting for a unit focusing on climate change? Here is a
Climate Actions resource using Greta Thunberg as inspiration to make
your science project for younger students, Grade 1 to Grade 4, both fun
and educational.

Using this resource is a great way to
inspire students to ask questions and use creative thinking to explore
ideas related to climate change. Your students will love learning and
exploring the life of the remarkable young woman Greta Thunberg.

Feel inspired, Be Creative and Make Change.

journey of Greta Thunberg is remarkable in many ways. The Swedish
School-girl who one day in August 2018 decided to start Skolstrejk för
klimatet (school strike for climate also known as Fridays for Future).
Since then this has grown into an international movement where students
around the world skip Friday classes. The students participate in
demonstrations to demand that world leaders take action to minimise the
effect of climate change. You’ll find everything you need to feel
inspired, get creative and engage young students in critical thinking.

You’ll save time by purchasing this easy to use resource.

What are you waiting for? Download this fun, educational and engaging climate change resource now and give your students a science activity they’ll love.


1. Eco-Activist – What is an eco-activist?

2. Eco-Activist – What do they need?

3. Ask Greta questions

4. Things that Greta has said or done

5. Venn diagram – Is it fine for students to miss school to protest about the environment?

6. Malizia 2 Sailing, science and education

7. What will happen as the Earth gets warmer?

8. How does climate change affect us?

9. ”And then I want you to act.”

10. ”We need a ‘concrete plan’ for climate action.”

11. Fossil Fuel Madness

12. How to end Fossil fuel Madness

13. Biomimicry – What can we learn from ants about ways to act to make the world a better place?

14. Extra, extra read all about it

15. Empty Promises!

16. Action plan to combat Empty Promises

17. Climate change reporter – Write a story

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Why am I qualified to write these biomimicry and environmental resources?
In 2015, I completed a course in Making Sense of Climate Change
Denial at the University of Queensland. I am a member of BEN – Biomimicry
Education Network – and a curator of educational resources at BEN.
I am the author of the book Biomimicry with Theo & Tuva:
Nature spotting inspires wild ideas. In 2015, I completed a course
in Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design Methodology at Minneapolis
College of Art and Design.

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