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The following Social Narrative has been designed to support children through grief and loss.

We can’t protect children from the pain of loss, but we can help support them through it and build healthy coping skills.

Most children know something about death as they have seen it on TV shows. But it’s very different when it happens to someone close to them. They often have a lot of questions and how they respond is different for each child.

This Social Narrative explores the following:

– What is death?

– Why do people die?

– What happens to them now?

– What is a funeral

– What happens at the funeral?

– Your feelings

– It’s hard when someone dies

(reassurance & acknowledgment)

– Talking about your feelings

– Feeling & Emotion Cards

– Going to the funeral

– Remembering the good times

– Calming and Coping Strategies

– Calming & Coping Strategy Cards

– Create your own Coping Strategy Cards (activity worksheet)

– What will happen in the future?

– It’s important to talk