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Everyone grieves differently and experiences different emotional reactions. Some may not want to discuss while others may want to share memories of their loved one. Therefore it is important to allow every individual to express themselves as much as they feel comfortable doing so.

The objectives of this portfolio is to facilitate dialogue which is important during the healing process. This resource additionally focuses on the development of coping strategies which is a key component for any type of therapeutic work. The more coping skills and individual possesses, the better they will be able to handle emotional distress that comes with the loss of a loved one.

This portfolio is divided into six individual lessons. You can choose to use each lesson in isolation or scaffold through the lessons one by one within a group or individual sessions. The six lessons include:

1.All About Grief

We ARE SORRY For your loss… (letter)

– All about your loved one

– What is Grief?

– 5 Stages of Grief

– Complex Feelings

– Grief Brain Dump

– How Grief has changed me?

2.Coping with My Emotions

– Your Emotions and your Reactions

– How do you feel today (poster & colouring page)

– How does your body feels today?

– Physical Symptoms Worksheet

– Calming Strategy Cards (and create your own)

– Ideas for Coping Strategies

– Deep Breathing; Grounding Techniques; Gratitude

– Exercise & Health Plan; Affirmations

3.When Someone You Love Dies

– The person was important to you

– Why do people do?

– What happens to them now?

– The funeral (and what happens at the funeral))

– Your Feelings

– Some things that can help…

– Remember the good times

– What will happen in the future?

4.Letter from Your Loved One

– Emma and her loss

– Letter to her loved ones

– Reply from her loved ones

– Writing your own letter

– Writing a reply

– Sentence Starters

5.My Memory Jar

– What is a Memory Jar?

– The process – what to do?

– The memories (photo’s & drawings)

– Write down your memories

– Designated Memory Time

– Create Your Own Memory Jar (craft activity)

– My Memory Jar Template

6. Caring for Your Grief Monster

– What feeds your grief?

– Let’s Create your Grief Monster

– Let’s get to know your Monster

– Monster Diary

– Ways to care for your Grief Monster

– Coping Strategies

– Building your Own Grief Monster Templates