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Groundhog Day activities for kindergarteners include facts, a wall graph, writing craft, science, math, language activities and more!

There are enough activities for a week!



Groundhog Facts

Groundhog Day Legend facts

Groundhog Day activities

Groundhog K-W-L chart

Winter and spring sorting

Categorize food – what a child eats, what groundhogs eat, and both.

Match the picture to its shadow

Shadow matching memory game (in color)

Measuring with groundhog ruler

Weight and balance sheet

Practice the date: February 2


– Use the wall graph to vote. Will the groundhog see his shadow?

– paper graph

– wall graph response page

Fine Motor practice activities:

– trace and push pin dot winter and spring pictures

– trace and cut page

Color the Groundhog by sight word activity

Label the Groundhog activity

Graph, color and assess data worksheet

Groundhog Day craftivity writing craft – 2 options

Writing prompts

– A day in the life of a groundhog.

– What I like about groundhogs.

– If I were a groundhog, I would…

Display all the unique groundhog craftivity writing for everyone to read!

How many words can you make out of the word GROUNDHOG activity

*Answer Key (suggestions)

Sort the Sums addition. Add the number problems, cut and paste them below the correct total. (Answer Key)

Woodchuck Math – Add 1 woodchuck to the wood pieces and solve. (Answer Key)

Mini Groundhog Fact Book – reviewing facts about groundhogs and Groundhog’s Day with tracing, answering questions, recalling facts and coloring.

4 8×10 pages = 8 mini pages. Simply cut each sheet in half and staple together. BONUS no scraps!

This resource is also great for substitutes – a sub pack, student teachers, classroom helpers, homeschool, or groups!