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Here is an 8.5″ x 11″ Poster Activity Sheet for Groundhog Day. Your students will research and answer questions about groundhogs as well as Groundhog Day.


It asks the students to:

1. Sketch a groundhog. It provides an outline to help them get started.

2. Identify where he lives and what it means if he sees his shadow or not.

3. Research groundhogs and give 2 Interesting Facts

4. Vocabulary Word: Choose a vocabulary word to illustrate and define.

5. Calendar Question: When is Groundhog Day?

6. Make a prediction whether he will see his shadow or not.

7. Write their Sources.


Includes Answer Key.

Students can color it in and their own decorative touches to it after they fill it out. Great for a Literacy Center and for an easy Bulletin Board!