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Students will learn fun facts about groundhogs and Groundhog Day through 50+ pages of math, science, and language! Vote with the class Wall Graph, display their creativity with the writing craft, and review the lesson with an informative Fact Book!



Table of Contents

Groundhog facts sheet

The legend of Groundhog Day informational fact sheet.

Groundhog day fact review – self or student corrected review.

Groundhog day fact review ANSWER KEY

Groundhog KWL sheet

Groundhog & Groundhog Day Fact Book

Which month and day of the month do we celebrate Groundhog Day?

Groundhog vocab word search activity

Groundhog vocab word search activity ANSWER KEY

Adjectives Acrostic Writing Craft – write an adjective for each letter of GROUNDHOG describing a groundhog.

Identify parts of speech. Noun and Verb word sort.

Noun and Verb sort ANSWER KEY.

Groundhog Day words activity – how many words can you make from the words “Groundhog Day” ANSWER KEY SUGGESTIONS

Syllable sort. 2 and 3 syllable

Syllable sort ANSWER KEY.

Groundhog writing craft 2 choices.

2 writing prompts.

– A day in the life of a groundhog.

– If I were a groundhog, I would…

Display the creative writing craft for everyone to read!

Season recognition. Sorting winter or spring things.

Season and weather recognition. Sorting weather into winter or spring.

Who eats what? Sort the foods into categories for you, a groundhog, and both.

Shadow match – Match the picture to its shadow.

Bingo Activity! Calling cards AND a memory game.

Make your own bingo cards – 3 Bingo templates, winter, spring, and black and white.

Bingo assembly direction card – cut and paste to make your own bingo cards

Measuring Activity. Use the groundhog ruler to measure objects and compare.

Woodchuck math with chucked wood. 10 + ones.

Woodchuck math with chucked wood answer key.

Count to 50, fill in the missing numbers. Answer Key.

Sort the Sums. Add the number problems, cut and glue them under the groundhog with the correct sum. Answer Key.

Wall Graph Make a hypothesis. Will the groundhog see its shadow or not?

Wall Graph – Will the groundhog see his shadow wall graph

Wall Graph and class vote – Will the groundhog see his shadow class vote/paper graph

Wall Graph response and fact sheet.

Groundhog tally graph black and white

Groundhog tally graph – color. (great for math centers to use over and over, just laminate).

Mini Groundhog Fact Book – reviewing facts about groundhogs and Groundhog’s Day by answering questions, recalling facts and coloring.

This resource is also great for substitutes – a sub pack, student teachers, classroom helpers, homeschool, or groups!