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Learn fun facts about groundhogs and Groundhog’s Day through 50 pages of math, science, and language!


Will the groundhog see his shadow? Take a class vote with the wall graph and review the data! Make an acrostic poem about groundhogs and more! Finish the lesson with a mini fact book review!


There are enough activities for a week of groundhog fun!


  • Groundhog facts sheet
  • Groundhog Vocab Definitions
  • The legend of Groundhog Day informational fact sheet.
  • Groundhog day fact review – self or student corrected review. with Answer Key.
  • Groundhog vocab word search (Students must answer questions to get the words, great for students with dyslexia that have a hard time with word searches.) with Answer Key
  • Syllable sort. 3 and 4 syllable Groundhog vocab words with Answer Key.
  • Groundhog Acrostic Craft. Color the groundhog head and attach it to the poem, then display all the fun, unique Acrostic Crafts!
  • Acrostic Craft. Boy and girl groundhog heads.
  • ABC order. Sort the words in alphabetical order. Answer Key included.
  • Word sort: Noun vs Proper noun. Answer Key included.
  • Word sort: Verb vs Adjective. Answer Key included.
  • Compound word Match Activity. Match 2 sets of pictures to form a compound word. Record the compound word on a separate recording sheet. Set of 2 Compound word match activity pages. Great for Language Center.
  • Compound word match recording sheet. Answer Key included.
  • Woodchuck math with chucked wood. Answer Key included.
  • Measuring activity. Use the groundhog ruler to measure objects and compare them.
  • Weighing activity. Weigh objects in the room and compare them to the weight of a groundhog using > = <
  • Compare yourself with a groundhog. 3 choices of worksheets: boy, girl, and neutral.

Maps: Where do groundhogs live? Find and color where groundhogs live on the world map. Where was the 1st groundhog’s day celebrated? Find Pennsylvania and color it on the USA map. Find your state and color it as well.

  • Map of the United States with states listed. Circle Pennsylvania and your state. (in color)
  • USA shaped maze. Find your way through the maze. USA shaped maze answer key.
  • The USA connect the dots. 1-90.
  • Shadow Graph hypothesis and response sheet. Will the groundhog see its shadow or not?
  • Wall Graph – Will the groundhog see his shadow wall graph
  • Graph and class vote – Will the groundhog see his shadow class vote/paper graph
  • Hypothesis and Wall Graph review sheet.
  • Groundhog Fact Book – reviewing facts about groundhogs and Groundhog Day by answering questions, recalling facts and coloring.

This resource is also great for substitutes – a sub pack, student teachers, classroom helpers, homeschool, or groups!