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These silly Groundhog Day poem activities are perfect for shared reading, group or individual activities, or as a center! It includes fun literacy activities with suggested hand motions, sequencing, puppets for retelling, a craftivity, and more!


I have included 2 versions of the poem. One with the groundhog seeing his shadow (winter) and one with the groundhog not seeing his shadow (spring). Each version is marked by a flower (spring-no shadow) and groundhog with a shadow (winter-shadow). There are differentiated writing pages as well.

Table of Contents:

1. 5 little groundhogs 2 versions.

2. Put the poem in order.

3. Sequence the 5 little groundhogs poem.

4. Highlight the rhyming words.

5. Write your own rhyming poem.

6. Writing prompts with differentiated pages.

  • If I were a groundhog…
  • If I could predict the weather…

7. Groundhog craftivity.

8. 5 little groundhogs flipbook.

9. 5 little groundhogs mini-book.

10. 5 little groundhogs puppets in color and b/w.

11. 2 backgrounds to retell the poem. In color and b/w.

12. 3 pattern pages. AB, AAB, ABC.

13. Which one is not the same? Find the one that is different pages.

14. Which animals hibernate? Write the name under the correct shadow.