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These are not JUST bell ringers… they are life-changing growth mindset daily activities for ONE YEAR to help you SAVE TIME and to support your student’s social-emotional well-being.

Each week includes instructional information, posters, reflections, and so much more… no need to research anything… it’s ALL here!

These morning warm-ups take less than 10 minutes each day, and they COVER ALL THINGS GROWTH MINDSET for an ENTIRE YEAR!

This file includes a digital option, posters, daily activities, instructional pages, and EVERYTHING you need to keep growth mindset ALIVE in your classroom ALL YEAR LONG!

You will find QUICK, EASY-TO-USE, daily growth mindset instruction in the form of warm-ups or bell ringers.

This bell ringer journal includes 200 activities. It spans 40 weeks and will give you everything you need to teach your 4TH GRADE AND UP classroom about all things growth mindset! You will find instructions and links for accessing this product on Google Slides beginning on page 185 in this product file!

NOTE: Please refer to the final 7-10 pages of the product file for Google links and instructions!

Click HERE to watch a short video that displays a portion of the content in this growth mindset bell ringer journal.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE 35 TOPICS WITH EXPLANATORY INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS ON EACH TOPIC. This provides a point of reference and a baseline of information for the given topic. This information can be found at the top of each week’s warm-up. There are also posters provided for each of the 35 topics if you choose to use them on a growth mindset bulletin board.

The following topics are covered, week by week, in this full-year growth mindset instructional package:

1- Growth and Fixed Mindset

2- The Brain

3- Parts of the Brain

4- Neurons

5- Perseverance

6- Grit

7- Mistakes

8- Growth Mindset Self-Reflections

9- The Power of YET

10- Accepting Feedback and Criticism

11- Tackling Challenges

12- Overcoming Obstacles

13- Self-Talk

14- Positive and Negative Self-Talk

15- Perfection

16- Growth Mindset Self-Reflections

17- Metacognition: Self-Reflection

18- Metacognition: Distractions/Focus

19- SMART Goals

20- SMART Goals Application

21- Room to Grow

22- Failure

23- The Success of Others

24- Growth Mindset Self-Reflections

25- Motivation

26- Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

27- Resilience

28- Malleability of the Brain

29- Improvement

30- Confidence

31- Positive Affirmations

32- Growth Mindset Self-Reflections

33- Commitment

34- Multiple Intelligences

35- Mindfulness

36- Self-Care

37- Reframe Your Mindset

38- Becoming Is Better Than Being

39- My Growth Mindset Agreements

40- Growth Mindset Self-Reflections

*This product also includes 35 posters for a bulletin board that explain each topic above (a black-and-white copy of these posters is also included). A pre-assessment and a post-assessment are also included as well as sample answers or notes for each activity.

This daily growth mindset activity product is for YOU if you struggle to squeeze in growth mindset instruction or don’t know how to teach it. Your students will get instruction in EVERY AREA of growth mindset with the topics covered!

Please take a look at the activities in this product to best determine how and when to utilize it them your class. Older students will be able to use them as a warm-up, bell ringer, or independent station activity. Younger kids (4th grade and perhaps 5th grade) may need a bit more support depending on their level of exposure to growth mindset concepts.

There are SAMPLE ANSWERS available at the end of this file. I emphasize SAMPLE because there are rarely any “correct” answers, as most of the warm-ups are created for students to reflect on their own thinking and growth. Occasionally, there will be a tip or trick in the sample answers. Those are there to guide you, but should not be viewed as an exclusive or ultimate idea for approaching a topic.

There are 35 posters that correspond to each of the 35 concepts presented. Please note that there are 40 weeks of warm-ups, but 5 of those weeks are reserved for self-reflection (and there is NOT a corresponding poster for those weeks).

The growth mindset pre-assessment and post-assessment are designed as reflection tools. These are not designed to be graded or evaluated in a formal way, but rather used as a tool to reflect on changes in thinking and behavior (most of the questions are the same so that students have a clear way to compare shifts in their thinking).

The scaled questions on many of the Thursday exercises are designed for students to reflect on how they feel about the given topic. Students can share their thoughts with a partner, small group, or the entire class.

Each 8th week (Week 8, Week 16, Week 24, Week 32, and Week 40), there is an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning, their growth, and the areas they want to continue to work on. The inventory on these weeks will have statements that are REPEATED from previous weeks. It is a good idea to ask students to save their warm-ups for each 8-week period so that they can compare some of their inventory answers (looking for growth, in particular).

On pages 146-148 (at the very end of this product), you will find an OPTIONAL cover page and Table of Contents that you can use IF YOU CHOOSE TO BIND all the activities together for each student at the beginning of the year (or the beginning of the instruction). If you copy one sheet per week, your students will not need those pages.

NOTE: This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

Technology Requirements:

  • A Google Drive account
  • If sharing with students, a Drive account that is linked to student Google accounts
  • Can be shared/delivered on Google Classroom
  • Only need access to Google Drive–no outside links to worry about!

These files can be used with iPads, chrome books, laptops, and desktops as long as your students have access to Google Drive or Classroom on a device. The digital portion of this product is on Google Slides.

Kirsten Tulsian has 18 years of experience in elementary education. She has been a homeroom teacher for first grade, third grade, and fourth grade, as well as ESL. She has also been a school counselor for grades PK-6, an ESL pullout teacher for K-6, and a Reading Recovery Teacher. She received her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and psychology from The University of Iowa and a Master’s of Education in school counseling from Sam Houston State University. She believes that students make the most progress when they are engaged in their hearts and minds. Her resources offer relevant, rigorous, engaging content that nurtures the whole child.


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