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It’s important that our students are thinking with a growth mindset in all areas of the classroom, so why not decorate your classroom using this growth mindset desk plates/desk strips?

These name tags are perfect for reminding your students to have a growth mindset while enhancing your classroom decor AND being a great reference tool for your students! What other desk plate does that?

This desk plates set contains an ink-saving version that can be printed as is or on colored paper. It also contains a set in pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple for each type! These growth mindset desk plates come in several different versions to match different grade levels. 

The following versions contain:

✓ Cursive writing, 2-D shapes, fraction number line in fourths, multiplication chart

✓ Cursive writing, 3-D shapes, decimal number line in quarters, multiplication chart

✓ Print writing, place value chart to billions, to-scale centimeter ruler, analog clock, and hundred chart

✓ Print writing, basic 2-D shapes, number line to 30, colors

Plus, it’s EDITABLE! Add students’ names to it! (Or laminate and use a dry erase marker. Wipe off and reuse year after year!)


This resource is NOT editable in the sense that you can change what is on the desk plate. The ONLY piece that IS editable is typing your students’ names on it. NO OTHER PIECE IS EDITABLE. YOU CANNOT CHANGE ANYTHING ON THE DESK PLATE.**

This Product Includes:

✓ 2 different versions (ink-saving white and color) of each desk plate/strip version

✓ Different math and handwriting versions as a student reference tool

✓ Growth mindset quotes and statements

✓ An editable version

Mix and match colors or just use one color throughout your classroom decor!