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Growth Mindset Information for Parents: This growth mindset notes for parents pack is perfect for teachers who want to help parents understand growth mindset concepts.

In addition to 33 half-page notes that can be sent home throughout the year, you will find two pages of information to send home right at the beginning of the year (or the beginning of your growth mindset instruction). These pages give parents a firm foundation for understanding everything their child will learn at school.

The sequence of notes follows my growth mindset bell ringers, which can be found in my shop HERE (NOTE: You do NOT need these bell ringers to use this product for caregivers).

The following topics are covered for caregivers:

1- Growth and Fixed Mindset

2- The Brain

3- Parts of the Brain

4- Neurons

5- Perseverance

6- Grit

7- Mistakes

8- The Power of YET

9- Accepting Feedback and Criticism

10- Tackling Challenges

11- Overcoming Obstacles

12- Self-Talk

13- Positive and Negative Self-Talk

14- Perfection

15- Metacognition

16- SMART Goals

17- Room to Grow

18- Failure

19- The Success of Others

20- Motivation

21- Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

22- Resilience

23- Malleability of the Brain

24- Improvement

25- Confidence

26- Positive Affirmations

27- Commitment

28- Multiple Intelligences

29- Mindfulness

30- Self-Care

31- Reframe Your Mindset

32- Becoming Is Better Than Being

33- My Growth Mindset Agreements

NOTE: This Kirsten’s Kaboodle product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The digital portion instructions appear at the end of the packet.

Technology Requirements:

  • A Google Drive account
  • If sharing with students, a Drive account that is linked to student Google accounts
  • Can be shared/delivered on Google Classroom
  • Only need access to Google Drive–no outside links to worry about!

This file can be used with iPads, chrome books, laptops, and desktops as long as your students have access to Google Drive or Classroom on a device. The digital portion of this product is on Google Slides™.

Kirsten Tulsian has 18 years of experience in elementary education. She has been a homeroom teacher for first grade, third grade, and fourth grade, as well as ESL. She has also been a school counselor for grades PK-6, an ESL pullout teacher for K-6, and a Reading Recovery Teacher. She received her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and psychology from The University of Iowa and a Master’s of Education in school counseling from Sam Houston State University. She believes that students make the most progress when they are engaged in their hearts as well as their minds. Her resources offer relevant, rigorous, engaging content that nurtures the whole child.


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