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Add a little sparkle to your classroom management using this growth mindset printable stickers as a reward system. Students will be eager to collect them all!

The zip file includes:

* 34 Growth Mindset stickers

* 5 Blank Editable Growth Mindset stickers to add your own

* The files are in PDF and Powerpoint.

* Sticker size is around 2 inches by 2 inches (5.08cm) or (50.8 mm)

Growth Mindset Statements

I Have Growth Mindset

It’s OK if I Failed Because I Learned

I Can Always Improve

I Keep Trying

I Try, Try and Try Again

I Try New Things

I Have Grit

I Won’t Give Up

I Have Done My Best

I Did It

I Believe In Myself

Mistakes Help Me to Learn

I Am Growing Everyday

I Love Challenges

I Overcame My Challenge

I Make Goals

I Reach Goals

If It’s Difficult, I’m Growing

I Stay Positive

My Attitude is My Choice

I Look For the Positive

I Can Do Anything

Practice Makes Perfect

I Am Proud of Me

I Do My Best

I Don’t Compare Myself to Others

I’m a Problem Solver

I Work Hard

I am Determined

I am Patient

I Overcome

I am Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Effort Makes Me Stronger

I Can’t Do That…Yet