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Growth Mindset Text Messaging Activities


⭐ 20 pages

⭐ Growth Mindset Text Messaging Worksheets

⭐ Suitable for 6th grade, Middle High School, and High School

⭐ Print and Digital (PDF and GOOGLE SLIDES)

This resource includes:

—- 20 Growth Mindset Text Message Conversation Worksheets

—- Google Slides Link


Most students have cell phones and communicate with family, friends, and classmates through text messaging. Just about ALL students are familiar with text messaging. Why not teach and practice Fixed vs. Growth Mindset in such a way that appeals to their interests?! No student will be able to resist these activities – for real!


There are 10 different text message conversations that come in two different formats (totaling 20 Worksheets).

✅ Worksheet #1: Contains a text message conversation between two people in which students determine 1) whether the main person shows a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset and 2) (If the person has a Fixed Mindset) What advice would they give the person in this situation or (If the person has a Growth Mindset) What would they do if they were in the same situation as the person texting.

✅ Worksheet #2: A plain worksheet that only includes the text message conversation (in which you can generate your own question). This worksheet contains a box in which students can write the question you generate / or copy a question from the board.


► This resource is absolutely AMAZING for even struggling readers and lower level students who have a short attention span and/or are unable to keep their focus reading other longer texts.

► The text message conversations and topics are age appropriate, HIGHLY relevant, familiar, and FUN! Students will easily identify with some of the “people” engaging in these text conversations. It would be interesting to see what students can infer and how they will respond to such conversations. Additionally, you can extend these conversations by having students read them aloud so they can “hear” what a growth mindset and a fixed mindset sounds like.

► The graphics in the “visually pleasing” worksheets clearly resemble cell phones that students use today. They even include real text bubbles and emojis! – WORD!!

► You can use these Growth Mindset Text Message Conversation Worksheets as part of a larger lesson, during a Mini Lesson, Guided Practice, Independent Work, as a Pair or Groupwork activity, small groups, and even for homework or practice!


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