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Guided Writing—-Completing Sentences (With Pictures and Word Bank)


In this Guided Writing —-Completing Sentence pack student will learn to complete sentences with the given words. It’s an informative writing / completing sentences mini pack.

These writing picture sentences have a vocabulary word bank for each picture to differentiate and to write sentences about the picture. It allows students an opportunity to complete the guided sentences. Tracing words will help them in handwriting practice.

In few worksheets students are given words banks only and they have to make their own sentences about it with the help of the previous worksheets. In other few worksheets they have to think and write about the vocabulary words about the given picture and then write five sentences about it. It will help them to practice to write the simple sentences in a creative manner.

Pictures given: apple, ball, mango, cat, car, tree, fish, cake, dog, frog, flower, watermelon, rainbow, owl, bag, snowman, kite and ice cream.

Total 39 worksheets and 9 flash cards– (2 per page)—-48 pages

In this pack you will find:

* To trace the given words to complete the sentences. (9 pages, trace and write)

* Read, cut and paste the pictures to match with the sentence. (2 pages)

* Sentences and picture Flash cards (reading sentences). (9 pages- 2 per page)

* Sentences to complete with the help of the word bank. (8 worksheets, 4 worksheets to trace the words and 4 to write the words)

* Sentences to write about the picture with the help of the word bank. (6 pages)

* Draw the picture and write five sentences about it with the help of the word bank. (2 pages)

* Think and write about the words of the given picture and then make five sentences about it. (2 pages)

* Draw your own picture and write about it. (2 pages), it’s an Optional, if they want to draw and write about their favorite toy or else so they can have more practice about writing sentences.

**Laminate the Flash Cards for durability.