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100 Chart Puzzles Halloween | One Hundred Chart | Distance Learning

Build number fluency with these 100 Chart Puzzle Piece Worksheets. The worksheets have pieces pulled from a 100 chart like a puzzle for students to complete. Students will practice adding ten, subtracting ten, counting on and counting backwards as they build number fluency and understand the numbers 1-100.

You get 45 total worksheets where students fill in the missing numbers, 15 are pre-filled with 3 numbers, 15 are pre-filled with 2 numbers and 15 are pre-filled with one number. This allows for differentiation and scaffolding for the varying needs in your classroom. There are 2 puzzles to complete per page.

You also get complete “100 Charts” for students to reference as needed when completing worksheets. You’ll have 9 colorful charts to choose from and 1 B&W chart.