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Ordering Numbers!

Halloween Ordering Numbers Math Station includes 24 themed cards with a a set of 4 numbers 100 and below on each card to put in order. You can decide if you want them to order from greatest to least or from least to greatest, or how about both for early finishers. Cut out cards and hang around the room. Have students take recording sheet on clipboard as they search for each “picture” and record their answer. You get 2 Sets of 12 cards. You can use each set at different times or pool them together for a larger set. Each set has a different colored border and it’s own recording sheet. These are great for Math Centers/Stations, Math Around the Room, Math Talk/Number Talk, Scoot, Task Cards, Etc…


This Math Activity can be used many different ways to suit the needs of your class, here are a few ideas:

1. Math Around the Room – cut cards out individually and hang around the room, students take recording sheet on a clipboard around the room and copy problems then fill in the missing parts. (sometimes its great to let the students move about the room)

2. Math Station/Center – cut cards out and place in bucket at a center, students work in a small group at station choosing a card and recording problems and answers (sometimes they work better seated at a station)

3. Math Talk – Teacher shows one card and begins a class discussion about how to solve the problem, having students share strategies and discuss solutions