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Nonstandard Measurement Center HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY Set includes 24 FUN & ENGAGING Task cards for measuring length.

 Students use nonstandard or standard units of measure (metric or customary), so it’s great for Kindergarten through 5th grade! Great for an ongoing math station, just change it out with one of my other seasonal/holiday sets to keep it fresh and engaging!


This set has 24 colorful themed measurement cards (on 14 pages). Each card is labeled “A, B, C, etc..” and a recording page is given to match. The 24 cards are provided in 2 sets of 12 with each set having a different color border for recording sake. Students circle which set they are using on the recording sheet. The recording page allows for the student to fill in the unit of measure they are working with, unifix cubes, cm. cubes, beans, paperclips, inches, centimeters, etc… so it is very open ended to suit the needs of your curriculum and students abilities. You can print the recording sheet double sided (early finishers) and ask them to measure using 2 different units of measure.

You get 2 choices of recording sheets, one includes estimating and the other is more open ended. SEE PREVIEWS.